Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Meet the teacher day

Friday, August 9th was "Meet the Teacher" day for our school district and we went to Paige's school first to meet her new teachers. We picked up her schedule and planner in the cafeteria and then went to Ms Link's classroom, which will be Paige's homeroom where they learn Science and Math. Paige switches in the afternoon with the classroom nextdoor and has Ms Brady for Language Arts and Social Studies.

After we finished meeting Paige's teachers, we went to Landrum to meet Connor's. Last year when he was in sixth grade and it was our first time at the Middle School we were all a bit overwhelmed trying to find our way around and meet all the teachers. It was such a difference this year. Connor got his schedule in the cafeteria and then he found his way easily to every classroom.

Connor did an amazing job, not just finding all the classrooms, but introducing himself to the teachers and talking to them about the different subjects. It's awesome that he's so comfortable in his school.

Looking forwards to the school year!

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