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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Paige back in school - no more remote learning!

On Monday, March 1st, Paige went back to school for the first time in nearly a year. Paige finished her 4th grade school year remotely at home after the pandemic shut everything down and although it was optional we opted to keep her home this school year so far. Andrea and I both have had both vaccine doses and we've been considering having the kids go back in to school. 

Recently, Paige was having some difficulty staying focused during her classes and wasn't keeping track of her assignments. We know it's been hard for her to stay motivated and after a lot of thinking, Andrea and I decided it was a good time to let her go in to school. Paige was assigned to a classroom with some of her friends and so far it's been going great and Paige has enjoyed it.

School is definitely different than before, the kids are all still required to wear masks when they ride the bus and in school during many of their activities. They're also limited with interaction between classes, but Paige has been able to see some of her friends at recess.

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