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Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

For Easter morning, the kids did an Easter egg hunt and we gave them their baskets that were filled with goodies that Andrea's been saving for the day. They both got some yummy sweets, some pajamas, new swimming goggles, strawberry lemonade, and gum. We got a few pics of them, along with Millie Mae, before we went to brunch.


We met Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice at the Nineteen restaurant at TPC and we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves since most of the other reservations didn't show up, so it was a very nice private meal together. The Easter Bunny came by with a basket of goodies and we snapped a pic with him/her/they/it.

Connor was a hungry boy and wanted the steak and eggs. It was a big brunch meal and we snapped a pic of him and his plate before he dug in. We expected there would be leftovers, but he pretty much finished it all. He didn't finish all the eggs because he didn't like the sauce they put on it, but otherwise he loved his lunch. We also got some donuts to share, Grandma Alice got quiche, Grandpa Rick got Croque Madame, Paige got pancakes, and I got the beef brisket. Andrea just shared a bit from each of us.

When we got home, we snapped a few family pics with our puppy and the kids were cute about putting on their Easter rabbit ears.

The weather was beautiful and cool, so Paige, Millie Mae, Grandma Alice, Grandpa Rick and I went on a long golf cart ride around the neighborhood. I operated the pedals and Paige did most of the driving. We looked at some of the houses under construction and went down some of the roads that Grandma and Grandpa had never seen.

We played some "Sleeping Queens" and dominos for a while after we got back and then we bid Grandma and Grandpa farewell so they could get home to feed their dogs and let them out. 

It was a fun Easter celebration and we're thankful we got to spend a beautiful day together with family.

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