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Monday, April 12, 2021

Jogging with Millie Mae


Millie Mae's been doing well on her walks and she has a lot of energy so I decided to take her on my jogs. We worked up to it over a few weeks where I'd jog with her for a couple miles and then see how she was doing for a couple days. I wanted to make sure I wasn't overdoing it with her and checked her paws to make sure she was holding up ok. On Thursday (April 8th, 2021) I finally decided to give my regular jogging route a try with her. The route takes me from our house to the southern end of the neighborhood and it's a little over 6 miles to my cooldown spot and then I walk the last half mile to the house. 

I was so impressed that Millie Mae made it! We took a couple walking breaks where I would check on her, and I picked her up at one point when she was lagging a little behind, but I could tell she wanted me to put her down. On the cooldown walk she was pulling ahead of me and we did a full speed sprint for the last couple hundred yards, she loved it!

The rest of my workday, Millie was pooped. I gave her a bath after our walk and she was happy to relax the rest of the day. She's not usually a very cuddly dog, but after her bath she let me put her in my lap while I was working.

Millie ran with me on Saturday as well and she is such a strong puppy dog! Great work Millie!

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