Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Kids and Millie Mae with Grandpa Rick

The kids and Grandpa Rick were home over the weekend together at our house. On Friday they went to school as normal and then both participated in the team tennis. For the most part they had a fairly chill weekend together, we appreciate Grandpa Rick coming to our house and ferrying the kids around to their various activities.

Connor and Grandpa ate at V's pizza together after he got done taking some tests at school

Millie Mae enjoyed taking walks with Grandpa Rick. Grandpa thought Millie was pretty cute carrying sticks around as they went and he snapped a couple of pics of her with one of the larger prizes.

The kids had a golf clinic on Saturday and practiced their putting.

Paige's class won the 5th grade kickball tournament, which is a big deal at her school. Grandpa took a pic of Paige with her medal.

Paige had a loose tooth and sent a pic with Grandpa.

The kids visited with Grandma on Saturday to eat dinner and hang out.

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