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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, April 12, 2021

Trasca and Beach day with Grandpa Rick


Saturday morning I jogged with Millie Mae and then while Andrea was at the beach with friends I met Grandpa Rick at Trasca with the kids and then we went to the beach for a walk. 

Paige met her friend Cailyn, so it was Connor, Grandpa and myself on the walk. Millie Mae had fun running with Connor until a big dog that was off-leash ran over to them. They both got a little nervous about running off after that, so they stayed closer to us. 

During our walk we came across a fairly large crab that had gotten tangled up in fishing line. Thankfully Grandpa had his trusty credit card sized toolkit on hand and we used the scissors and the knife to cut the poor crab free. I took a video of the ordeal, but stopped it after a couple minutes so I could help. 

It was a beautiful day at the beach! After our walk we went and got ice cream and then we relaxed the rest of the day.

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