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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Camp Pinnacle 2023 - Connor


Connor finished his fourth year at Camp Pinnacle this past week. This year was his second year in the leadership group and as a second year leader he had some extra responsibilities. He helped to mentor a year 1 leadership camper, along with a cabin of sixth grade boys. Connor said that the cabin he was assigned to was fun, but they were exhausting and a bit much at times. He got to hang out with some friends that he made years ago and had fun with them as well, so it wasn't all work. 

Connor's counselors were Hunter, who was in charge of the year two leadership campers, and Connor said he felt a lot like another camper since he was new to being a counselor. Chelsea was in charge of the year one leadership campers, and she was from Australia.

Paige and Connor were both on the blue team this year and they were excited that their team won the color wars.

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