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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Clemson University Campus Tour

Saturday, June 10th, 2023, we went to Clemson University in South Carolina for a campus tour. The kids are starting their fourth session at Camp Pinnacle on Sunday and we decided to stop by Clemson since we're in the area. We drove up from Lake Oconee in the morning and checked in to the Abernathy Hotel and then we walked over to the Clemson Visitor Center for our tour. 

We started off with a brief presentation about the university and their application process and then we set off with a tour guide for a walk around campus. The tour guide was chipper and gave a nice description about everything the university had to offer. It was a beautiful day for the tour, but we did start to sweat as it was a bit hilly in places and the sun started to get to us. 

Overall Connor thought it was a nice campus and they did a really nice job with the tour, however he didn't think the university seemed like a good value because the out of state tuition costs were pretty high. If he had to choose and out of state school, he'd prefer Auburn.

Connor and Paige’s college rankings for campuses we have toured:

1. Auburn

2. FSU

3. USC

4. Clemson

Andrea’s and Shawn’s:

1. Auburn

2. FSU and USC

3. Clemson

Some notes from the Clemson admissions presentation are below.

Test Optional for upcoming 2023 year

Written essays and letters of recommendation are not required but will be read and are encouraged. 

Common Application is welcome.

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