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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Camp Pinnacle 2023 - Paige

Paige finished her fourth year at Camp Pinnacle on Friday and Uncle Ryan brought the kids home. She had an awesome time in her cabin, Ocoee, and she was in a cabin with some girls her age but also with some older girls this year. Her main counselor was Sarai from New Zealand and her activity counselor was Chloe. She enjoyed hanging out with Zoe and Izzy in her cabin and also hung out with the Talula cabin quite a bit, which was mostly comprised of girls that were in her age range. 

Paige had four days off site this year and went camping and mountain snorkeling. It rained quite a bit, which changed the nature of the activities somewhat, but she still had an awesome time and already said that she definitely wants to go back next year.

For the first time, Paige was in the camp's digital post card video that they sent out mid-way through the session, along with Connor. They said hi to mom and dad and she was also in a few shots dancing and playing on the lake equipment.

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