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Monday, June 12, 2023

Camp Pinnacle Dropoff 2023 - Connor, Paige, and Graydon

Sunday, June 11th, 2023, we dropped the Connor and Paige off at Camp Pinnacle for their fourth session of camp. In the past, Connor would have been too old at this point to attend, but they've expanded the leadership program and he had a great experience with it last year. 

This year we're also excited for their cousin Graydon to go to camp for the first time. He was understandably nervous about it, but he was excited to see his cousins when we arrived and he said farewell to us and walked across the bridge with Paige to join the campers. 

Connor didn't walk across the bridge with the younger kids. Instead, he donned a fresh new shirt and went with the older kids to welcome the new campers and to help everyone with their bags and luggage. 

We're excited to hear about their experiences at camp this year!

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