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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Lake Oconee Ritz 2023

The kids loved our visit to Lake Oconee last year so we made sure to fit it in this year before they went to summer camp. It was a bit of a tight squeeze with them getting home from Alaska and then they only had a couple days at home before we left for the lake. 

We brought quite a bit of food so we wouldn't be too tempted to eat out as much this year, but we got quite a bit to eat at the pool and at Gaby's. We all enjoyed the appetizers at Gaby's by the Lake, which is the restaurant attached to the adult pool. We ate lots of pulled pork nachos, quesadillas, and hummus. This year's desserts were a little different and Andrea liked the lemon poppy-seed ice cream cookie sandwich and I liked the pineapple upsidedown cake. 

The weather this year was amazing. It was warm, but not too hot or humid. The pool water was pleasant and the lake was warm enough for us to enjoy it as well. We spent quite a lot of time at the adult pool, and went out on the lake to play on the inflatables a couple times. We all went out together on two paddleboards on our first day at the resort and then the next time out Connor had his own paddleboard, Andrea had a kayak, and I shared a paddleboard with Paige. The water was pretty calm unless a boat sped by and we didn't venture out too far on our adventures.

Andrea took a long walk each evening and she loved the nightly s'mores. Paige liked to accompany her, and although she's not a fan of the s'mores, she liked the homemade fancy marshmallows flavors (peach cobbler, green apple, and cotton candy) that were available. The evenings were cool and it was always entertaining to see all the people out, especially on Friday night when there was a huge group that was doing a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on the lawn.

Connor's favorite part is to relax on the swings while he listens to his music. He'd often wander off on his own for quite a while to just swing and swing and swing. Connor had a bit of stress at the end of his school year, trying to wrap up successfully and take care of everything for all his classes. It's been nice that he's had some time to relax and unwind, he's been in a great mood and got to sleep in a lot lately.

We enjoyed our stay at Lake Oconee again this year, and plan to come back next year if possible! The kids say it's their favorite domestic trip/hotel!

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