Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Shawn and Connor - Monday Night Tennis Doubles vs Charles and Joshua

Connor and Shawn played tennis with the weekly Monday night group this week. It was their second time playing and this week they were put up against Joshua and Charles, who are some of the better players in the group. We lost the first set 3-6 when I played the deuce side. We switched for the second set and were ahead and had set point a few times at 6-5, but ended up going to a tiebreaker and lost the tiebreak for the second set. We weren't winners, but we had some great points and it was good doubles experience for Connor.

Andrea came to cheer for us with Millie Mae and took some great videos of the action. It's funny how fast it feels in person and how slow and easy it looks when you watch it. I did cut out missed serves and boring moments from the video, as well as a double fault on my part. Otherwise, I left in everything.

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