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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, July 12, 2010

Breakfast with big boy and baby

For no real reason daddy decided to record his breakfast with Connor this past weekend. I was looking at Connor and thought about how big he is now. He sits in a normal chair with no booster and is tall enough to get his entire head and part of his neck above the table. Just high enough to eat like a regular person.

He doesn't have much understanding or appreciation for the differences between breakfast, lunch or dinner foods. He usually will ask for tiger food (Frosted Flakes) for any meal, always is in the mood for donuts, would eat chicken nuggets any time of day or night, and believes that peanut butter crackers go with every meal. He really does a great job feeding himself any more, it's not stressful eating a meal with him and worrying whether he'll choke or make a huge mess.

Mammy Pajamy (Paige) likes to sit with us when we eat. She sits in her Bumbo chair on the table and watches us eat big person food. She's so tiny, it's hard to believe our big boy was sitting in the Bumbo chair not too long ago.

Connor's eating video is below. I thought it was worth posting because you get to hear Connor's new favorite word. "What". He'll say in response to anything. When he hears you or not, it doesn't matter.

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