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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running with the family

We decided to all go running tonight for the first time with the double stroller. It finally cooled off a little plus Paige seemed big enough to sit up straight and ride like a big girl. We tested everything out quite a bit before we left. Daddy held the stroller sideways and tested how the kids would stay strapped in if it tipped over. It seemed to be pretty stable and Daddy was very careful with his precious cargo.

Both the kids did really well on the trip and stayed awake the whole time. Connor wanted to get out and run with us and we let him run the last few blocks. He's pretty fast! Paige was pretty content to ride and didn't really fuss much. She had some tummy pains earlier in the day and somewhere along the ride she apparently worked out her problem and made some poop in her diaper.

We ran for 6 miles in 66 minutes. Not the fastest time in the world by any means, but not too shabby given that Mommy had a baby recently and given that Daddy was pushing a double stroller.

Looking forward to more runs with the kids!

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