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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two month checkup

Poor Paige had her painful 2 month checkup today. Her checkup went very well, she was almost perfectly average. Not too big, not too small, just right! It must be due to the superior parenting skills of Andrea and Shawn, we will humbly take full credit.

Paige's stats:
22 1/2" 50th percentile for length
10 lbs 11 oz 55th percentile for weight
15" head circumference 50th percentile

She got a little delicious vaccine orally that was sweet and tasty, and then she got three shots. The first was in her left leg and the moment the needle went in she startled and then screamed. She was pretty unhappy about it but didn't cry for very long. When the second one went in she flinched hard and let out a little squeal that broke our hearts before she started screaming so hard her voice cut out. By the time the third shot went in, she was inconsolable. It took her a long time to settle down. Very traumatizing for our little girl.

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Richard said...

Oh, poor little boo boo.