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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Connor on the steps

Connor's been doing a great job with his potty training. He holds it all night long, but we still put on a pull up diaper just in case. In the morning he's more than welcome to come down and go potty, but he's always reluctant to without permission at the time.

Sometimes if he's got to go pretty bad in the morning we'll hear him shouting "Pee pee's coming!" from the bridge. Other times he's very patient and will just hang out on the bridge with Chloe and his stuffed animals.

A couple days ago Mommy came out and saw him sleeping on the top step. She took a picture of him and he woke up and we think he realized how silly he was and he smiled. Mommy got a picture of that too.

Cute boy!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute guy. Love that little guy. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures.