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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Connor's ear infection

Connor's been pretty down in the dumps for the last week. Starting last Saturday he ran a fever and has been pretty mopey and tired. The Rudolphs came to stay with him on Saturday while Mommy and Daddy had a night out. Connor seemed to be feeling better as the day went on, but the next morning he was feeling pretty bad again. He threw up last Sunday (7-18-2010) for the first time since he's grown out of the baby phase where it's pretty normal for spit up. It was yucky and Connor didn't care for it and neither did we.

It turns out he had an ear infection and he's been on antibiotics for a few days. Today, Saturday 7-24-2010 he's back to his old self and isn't running a fever any more. We're glad to have our little man back to normal again.

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