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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting ready in the morning with the kids

It's always a fairly involved process to get kids ready in the morning to go to the babysitter before work, however it's gotten a little bit easier lately with Connor. Typically Mommy lays out his clothes for the next day before he goes to bed and that's what Daddy puts on him. Daddy isn't so good at putting together the outfits that are up to Mommy's standards so he knows better than to bother with it.

Recently Connor's been a lot more picky about what he wears. He has about 3 pairs of cheap cotton shorts with stripes on them and he absolutely loves them. If he's got khaki or jean shorts on and you're not looking he'll sneak up to his room and will change into his comfy shorts. This past week when he wasn't feeling good he was particularly cranky so we gave in and let him choose most of his outfits. The one in the pictures is Daddy's favorite so he had to get a few pictures.

Connor had been taking a long time to get ready and when Daddy went to check on him Connor told him to go downstairs and that he didn't want any help. Connor put this outfit together on his own and was pretty proud of it. We like how his mismatched shoes had the tongues popped out above the velcro. Maybe it's a new trend with these kids now, who knows...

Paige is always sweet in the morning after she gets her breakfast. She typically just relaxes until it's time to go.

Happiest and best baby ever!

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