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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, March 14, 2011

Swim lessons in Gladstone

Andrea signed Connor up for swim lessons at the Gladstone pool. We really want to get him going on swimming this year and started early at the indoor pool to get him a head start for summer. The facilities were really nice and in his age range it was a nice small class with just three other kids. We all went to watch his first lesson and were very impressed with the facility and the instruction. Connor was a good listener as always and did a great job.

Connor doing a funny walk with the ring.

Connor fetching a ring.

Connor and his instructor Katelyn.

Paige liked watching big brother.

Mommy and Paigie Pie.

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Richard said...

It's good to get them comfortable in the water early. We had you boys swimming early. I liked the low walk in the water video. Looks like Connor is driving a boat.