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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

On Sunday, Andrea got home from her tennis weekend and we went to the house and did a little work there. Afterwards, we ate at Outback and then came home. The kids gave Andrea all their Mother's Day gifts. Connor made Mommy a very colorful card with a flag on it. He doesn't typically enjoy artwork, so seeing all the different markers he used really showed that he'd taken extra time and put his heart in to it for Mommy.

Paige went overboard with Mother's Day gifts. She had a card that she'd made at school, a card she'd made at home, a shoebox full of candy that she'd put together, and her class had made a cookbook for all the mothers. The cookbook had been wrapped very nicely with a bow and ribbon and we had no idea what was inside. 

Apparently all the kids had come up with their favorite recipes and had either dictated them to the teacher, or helped to write them. Paige's was for "Bronis" or brownies in regular english.

The recipe, in regular english is:
My favorite thing that my mom makes is brownies. First pour chocolate in a bowl. Second, pour milk in a bowl. Third pour baby oil in the bowl. Fourth put an egg in the bowl. Stir it and put it in the oven. My mom cooks it 30 minutes. Then you wait for 30 minutes. Take it out to cool.

Andrea and I loved it, especially the baby oil. Yum! Paige wanted very much to bake them, but we had already gotten Andrea some goodies from Zoe's Kitchen, so we had plenty of yummy snacks.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing with Andrea, it was nice to have Mommy home again.

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