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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, May 30, 2016

Paige's Kindergarten Graduation

Paige's Kindergarten graduation was on May 23rd, 2016. Only Andrea was able to go since I had to let the movers in and get the move underway. I was sad to miss it, but Andrea took a lot of pictures and videos. Paige had a wonderful school year. She had a few ups and downs, but overall we are happy with how it all went and with everything Paige learned. At the beginning of the school year we were quite apprehensive about her teacher Ms. Froehlich. We knew she was quite the free spirit and while fun, we were concerned the class would be a bit distracting for Paige. We were further concerned to find that Paige had double the children of a normal classroom and that Ms. Froehlich would have an assistant teacher with her to help manage things. The environment turned out to suit her perfectly and she blossomed in many ways through the year. She ended the year with a perfect report card, scoring the highest possible marks across the board. She scored extremely high in her standardized tests, and in reading is at a level where they'd hope most kids would be entering 2nd grade.

Anyways, back to the graduation. The kids all sang songs, everyone talked about the school year, and Andrea took pics of Paige with her friends.

Paige and Ella posed nicely.

Ella, Kennedy, and Paige all lived in SJF together.

Paige and VZ. It's short for a name I can't recall, everyone just called her VZ.

Paige with VZ, Olivia, and Ella.

Lakshmi and Paige were good friends by the end of the year. Paige liked to sit by Lakshmi at lunch.

Ms. Froehlich was such a positive influence on Paige and her focus on reading gave Paige a big head start. We are so thankful for all her work.

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