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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Paige loses frist tooth!

Today has been filled with drama. Paige has two front teeth coming in on the bottom behind her two front baby teeth. I noticed it the other night while brushing her teeth. The baby teeth were very slightly loose at the time and Paige was terrified to touch them. She's been very careful eating this last week and even had trouble biting a banana.

Today, she finally decided that it was time. She has been working on the teeth herself throughout the day and at random times will come to us freaking out and needing assistance. We've had to hold her quite a bit, wipe a lot of tears, and wiggle her teeth with her.

This afternoon I managed to get the left tooth really loose to where I even had it upside down at one point, but it was just a little stuck. Mommy took over and finally got it out. Paige ran to the mirror to check it out and then I got a few pics of her with her tooth.

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