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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Christmas day

On Christmas morning, the kids were up early, excited to see what Santa brought.

We let them loose to see their goodies and then we opened up our gifts together. When we got to the gifts from Grandma Genie, we did a Facetime call to her so she could see the kids opening them.

The kids posed with some of their gifts afterwards, and Connor took a nice picture of Mommy and Daddy together.

After cleaning up the wrapping paper and boxes, we let the kids play with their things. We started to get on a roll with cleaning and before we knew it, we were about halfway done taking down Christmas decorations. We decided to just do everything and in a little over an hour and a half, we had taken down everything. It was nice to get the house back to normal and to have everything put away before we left for our trip. In the afternoon we went to Amelia Island and had lunch and then took the kids to the park.

We took a pic with the Christmas tree outside the shops and it was extra cool since a falcon was perched on the top of the tree.

There was a beautiful live oak tree in the park that was obviously a favorite climbing spot. We let the kids climb on it a bit and they started to get pretty brave. I took a video of them on it, while I was halfway up a branch. Right after I stopped filming, Paige slipped and scraped up her back as she fell. Thankfully it wasn't a bad fall, and she didn't cry too terribly long.

In the evening, the Chiefs played and Connor was super pumped to wear his new Chiefs jersey while he watched. I'm glad that they won their game and Connor could be proud to wear his jersey. He begged to wear it every day to tennis camp the next week.

Our Christmas day was a busy one!

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