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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Hayride at PVIC with Santa

Today, December 18th, we went on a Christmas Hayride at the club. Santa and Mrs Clause were both there and it was a nice small group on the ride. They were serving cookies and hot chocolate, however it was a unseasonably warm 80+ degrees out when we got on the ride at 1pm.

We rode around the Old Ponte Vedra area near the club and sang carols with Santa and his lovely wife. I took a couple videos, but they're pretty darn bouncy and I'm not sure if even Google's anti-shake algorithm will be able to make them watchable, but I decided to post them anyways.

It was another fun opportunity visit with Santa and take a couple pics with him as well. Afterwards, we took a pic with Anastasia and Santa photobombed us, so we got a bonus pic with him as well.

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