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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas week at Omni

For our Christmas holiday, we spent the week at the Omni. The tennis club was hosting a kid's tennis camp daily from 10am to 1pm, and both kids went Monday through Friday. Andrea and I planned to do a tennis clinic daily as well, and did most days, except Monday when it rained.

We had a really nice relaxing week together and had fun reconnecting, hanging out, and working on our tennis. It was also a little extra special since Andrea was able to find a Beachwood villa that allowed us to bring Chloe as well. We had a couple options of people to watch Chloe, but it worked out nicely since Chloe was having some tummy trouble shortly before we left and she likely would have made some yucky messes for whoever was watching her. The villa we stayed at was ok, but was definitely in need of a little work.

I brought my computer, set it up in the dining area, and worked there throughout the week. After I'd finish up, we'd go on walks to the park or to Marche Burette for ice cream. As they usually do, they ran out of mint chocolate chip early in the week, but I talked to some of the ladies working and they got us some out of the back of the store a couple times. Connor brought his skateboard and Paige brought her scooter, and they were perfect for the short walks and they were fun on the hilly walking trails.

Andrea and I had fun playing tennis, although we did get tired of some of the drills where we were instructed to just hit the ball back and forth to each other. Some of the games were fun, and there were some fairly good players in attendance, so we did have good competition available. Michelle and Bill Jordan came up on Tuesday and did both clinics with us and had lunch with us too. We meant to take a picture with them, but forgot and also never got around to taking a picture of Andrea and I doing tennis.

The kids really enjoyed their tennis camp. They were always in great moods when they got home and Connor played well throughout the week and would often say that his favorite part of the days was the tennis. I'm really glad he enjoyed it. He is often good at sports, but doesn't always seem to have a lot of fun playing in organized sports, so it was good to see him looking forwards to it, playing well, enjoying himself, and being successful with it.

Paige was usually one of the youngest campers throughout the week and many of the drills were a bit advanced for her, but she hung in there with them and had fun as well. At the end of each day they were given a choice to swim or play some games and Paige would usually swim at the indoor pool while Connor would always opt for the game.

We had a great week! Already looking forwards to next year!

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