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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Cookie Decorating with the Froehlichs

Today, the Froehlichs invited us over to their house to do some Christmas cookie decorating. There isn't anything Connor likes to do more than visit the Froehlichs and he's been looking forwards to it all week. Steve had the Jaguars game on too when we arrived, so it was even more perfect because he got to watch some football while we visited with everyone.

Sarah had dozens of cookies baked and she bravely put a bunch of colored frostings in to bowls and then let the kids have at it.

It was fun to see all the creative variety of cookies everyone came up with. Connor put about an inch of frosting on his cookies, and Paige made some very colorful designs as well.

Steve knew Connor was excited for the Chief's winning season, so he made a Chief's logo out of a sideways Christmas tree cookie. It was definitely the coolest cookie of the day.

After we got done decorating cookies, everyone walked down to the neighborhood park. Their park is nice and close and has a huge green space and nice playground. Even though it's December, it was a hot day and Andrea and I both agreed that we'd never seen Connor sweat so much as he did today. He was literally dripping sweat as he played football with the Froehlich boys and some neighbors. Paige did gymnastics and some swinging with the girls and everyone had fun.

So thankful the Froehlichs moved to Florida and are close enough for us to visit!

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