Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Camp Pinnacle 2021


On Sunday, June 13 2021, we dropped Connor and Paige off at Camp Pinnacle in North Carolina. We drove most of the way on Saturday and stayed at the AC Hotel in Spartanville on Saturday night. We drove the rest of the way on Sunday morning and drop-off went fairly smoothly. When we went through the lice check, they were extra thorough and for a minute I was worried they saw something in Connor's hair but it was just some dust or from his hair gel or something.

We left them at a long wooden bridge where the crossed over to a field with other campers. After their name and cabin were announced over the megaphone, their cabinmates came running over to greet them. It's the last time we will see them for nearly two weeks!

I hope you guys are having fun!

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