Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Friday, June 11, 2021

Par 3 Golf Tournament on the Ocean Course PVIC

Connor and Paige participated in their first golf tournament at PVIC last Sunday June 6th 2021 on the Ocean Course. It was a Par 3 tournament so they teed off from fairly close, but it was still challenging. I went with Connor and Andrea went with Paige.

The course was beautiful and it was great weather near the ocean. It was our first time on the Ocean Course and it was fun to see all the houses and neighborhoods adjacent to the course. Connor really liked one of the modern houses and said he wanted to live in it some day, so I snapped a pic of him with it.

Paige played well and had a cute group of girls that she played with. Paige actually ended up scoring one stroke better than Connor, she's got a very consistent stroke and placed her shots on the green almost every time.

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