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Friday, June 11, 2021

Spay Day for Millie Mae

Millie Mae got spayed on Monday, June 7th, 2021. She had enjoyed going on walks with me on Saturday and Sunday, so was excited to be riding with me again early on Monday morning. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as fun. The surgery was pretty quick and they also pulled one of her last baby teeth canines that hadn't fallen out yet. 

On Monday after her surgery, Connor came with me to pick her up and Millie Mae was pretty mopey the rest of the day after we got her home.

The vet stitched Millie up with dissolvable sutures and fitted her in a little onesie that keeps her from licking and fiddling with her tummy. She actually looks pretty cute and skinny with the onesie, but she doesn't really like it and we've caught her pulling on it a few times. 

By Tuesday morning, Millie Mae was back to her old self and ready to run and play. We've been trying to keep her from jumping and being too wild, but it's been pretty tough. So far everything has healed pretty nicely and hopefully in a few more days she can be finished with her little onesie.

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