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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Millie Mae at the beach and with a puppuccino

Millie Mae's all healed up from her spaying surgery. I bet she was relieved to finally take off her onesie. 

We've gone to the beach a couple times with Millie recently. She does such a nice job off-leash, but definitely gets nervous around the other dogs. We met our friend Liz at the beach with Liz's two dogs, and one of them kind of tackled poor Millie when Millie tried to run away. I was jogging with her on Friday morning and the same thing happened with some lady's dog that was off-leash and wanted to play. Poor Millie is so little and fun to catch I guess for the big dogs.

Since Millie Mae was so good at the beach, we stopped off at Starbucks on the way home and she had her first puppuccino. She snarfed it down and it was definitely the tastiest thing she's ever gotten, we expected her to barf it all up, but somehow she managed to keep it all down.

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