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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, June 11, 2021

Millie Mae off leash at the beach


Over the weekend, I took Millie Mae to the beach with me for a long walk. She's always on a leash when she's outside, but it's legal to have your dog off-leash at the beach and I decided to see how she'd do. I was pretty nervous when I first let her run free, but I was thrilled with how well she did. Honestly, she was perfectly behaved off leash. She liked to stay within sight of me, but would run up and down the beach, looking back for me every few seconds to make sure she didn't get too far away. Whenever I called to her, she'd come running, and she never ran up to strangers or other dogs. She did get chased once by a big dumb dog that wasn't a good listener, but thankfully he just wanted to play and didn't hurt Millie although he scared her and chased her.

It was difficult letting her get so messy. She didn't really like to get very wet, but she did like the smell of some washed up seaweed and rolled around in it.

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