Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Connor and Andrea Playing Basketball


Connor's been enjoying the new basketball hoop that we put in after our old one bit the dust and fell over. The old one was put up in March of 2017 ( and served us well, however the backboard had gotten discolored and the base had been leaking after the lawn crew accidentally gashed it. We'd sealed the base a couple times, but the water leaked out and it fell over in a storm recently and the hoop got deformed. Since we removed the bushes we decided to get an inground hoop this time and it looks pretty nice so far and has a glass backboard so it should hold up better in the weather.

I'm no competition for Connor, but Andrea will go one on one with him from time to time and it was fun watching them play the other evening. It's also nice that the weather's cooled off lately and the yellow flies flew back to hell or wherever they go in the winter.

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