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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, October 22, 2022

FSU - Florida State University Campus Tour - Tallahassee


The kids didn't have school on Monday, so Andrea planned to use the day off wisely and we planned our first official college campus tour for Monday, October 17th 2022. We drove to Tallahassee on Sunday morning and ate at the McAlister's Deli for lunch and then checked in to our hotel. We walked around the campus briefly in the afternoon and went by the book store. Connor got an FSU t-shirt and Paige got a sweatshirt. 

In the evening we had a light dinner at a local restaurant before heading to bed.

In the morning we packed up our things and drove over to the FSU visitor center to begin our tour. The visitor center was in the lobby of the stadium and it was a humongous building. We listened to a short presentation by an admission's advisor and then we broke up in to a couple groups to begin the tour. We walked all over the campus, looked at a dining hall, and looked at a dorm room. Overall we were impressed with the campus's size and how pretty it was. Lots of bricks! The campus was also a little hilly which is odd for Florida, it's so flat where we are.

After the tour was complete we drove a couple of miles over to the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering which is in the Innovation Park area. There were quite a few big buildings over there with all kinds of engineering opportunities, however we weren't really super thrilled that it was so far away from the rest of the campus. Overall we liked the college and think that either kid could have an amazing college experience there. The campus itself was beautiful, however the surrounding area was a bit messy. You could definitely tell there were a lot of college kids living in the houses and apartments nearby and there were beer bottles, cans, and even a smashed toilet littering the area. We came the day after a big football game vs Clemson, so the entire town was probably hung over.

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