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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, October 13, 2022

PVIC Tennis Clinics - Shawn Tears Muscle


Andrea and I have been enjoying the tennis clinics recently and we've been playing together in the Sunday clinics when we're in town. I typically do both the 9am and 10am clinics, while Andrea just likes the 10am clinic. I was playing at 9am and pushed off to sprint over to a short shot when I felt something pop in my left calf muscle. I was unable to put much weight on the leg afterwards and had to sit out for the rest of the clinics. I snapped a few action shots of Andrea while she played and I was sad that I missed out on some good tennis. 

I've been improving daily since Sunday and while I'm still favoring my left leg, I'm able to get around without crutches or help now. I can mostly walk without a very noticeable limp, but I'm slower than normal and my left calf feels very tight. Hopefully I'll be able to play tennis again within the next few weeks!

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