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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Down Syndrome Walk Jacksonville Beach - Griffin's Group


Saturday, October 15th 2022, we went with the Gobles to the Down Syndrome Walk at Jacksonville Beach. The Gobles have been attending the Down Syndrome Walk in Kansas City for years, and it was their first time doing it in Florida, our first time ever. It was a bright and sunny day for the walk and we took an Uber over to the beach so we wouldn't have to stress about, or pay, for parking. We met up with the Gobles and spent the first part of our day at the play area with a bounce house, slide, and some games. After a brief speech and presentation, a marching band's drumline kicked off the walk and we started down to the beach. The walk itself wasn't super long and it was mostly on the beach and under the pier. 

After the walk we played a few more games, Paige got some Jeremiah's Ice, and then we went to get some BBQ for dinner and to celebrate Ryan's birthday. It was certainly interesting to see so many people with Down Syndrome all in one place together and we were happy we got to support the Gobles and experience it with them. Hooray for Griffin's Group!

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