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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Allison's Bridal Shower


Allison's bridal shower was on Saturday, March 30th 2024, at her parents' house. It hosted by her Aunt Sarah and it was ice cream themed: "She's Been Scooped Up". Everyone had gifts for the bride, of course, and they also played some games based on everyone's knowledge of Alli. We're proud to say that Aunt Andrea won the first game and Aunt Amanda won the second. They know their niece pretty well!

Alli had a nice turnout and it was fun to see a lot of family and friends together. 

After the shower, Andrea and Paige went out with Alli and friends to Jack Stack BBQ for dinner.

They didn't get to see a lot of Garrett while they were in town, but they did get to see him when they visited their new apartment and he came over for a little while one evening. The wedding is coming soon, we're excited for Allison and the new life they're building together!

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