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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Paige's 8th Grade Dance


Friday night, Paige went to her 8th grade dance at her middle school. Barely. It was actually a close thing whether or not she'd get to go or not. Andrea had logged in to purchase Paige's ticket several weeks ago and it looks like she may have either forgotten to check out, or the order didn't go through. Paige showed up to pick her ticket up at school and there wasn't one with her name on it. We didn't think it would end up being a big deal, but when Andrea went to buy the ticket, they were no longer available. Paige was added to a "wait list", which seemed a little crazy to us because the dance was only for 8th graders and it was at their school gym. 

Andrea scrambled for a couple days to figure it out and eventually got it worked out. Andrea also went on Friday to help decorate/set up. Paige got her ticket on time and we were thrilled that she didn't miss out on it. Sadie came over on Friday after school and the girls spent some time getting all made up and making some Tik Tok videos. Before I took them to the dance, we went out by the pool and golf course to snap some pics. Paige was cute about wanting to hold Millie Mae in the pics at the house, but eventually we realized that we never got any of her by herself without the dog. I snapped a couple pics of Paige with my phone before I dropped her off, and those are the only dogless pics of Paige by herself with her dress.

The girls had the option to go wherever they wanted for dinner. We thought it would be fun to go somewhere fancy and we suggested the nice French restaurant near us, or something like that. The girls wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner and I guess that's a trend right now, going to McDonald's all dressed up. I dropped them off so the two of them could enjoy a dinner together and then I drove them to the dance when they were done.

The dance sounds like it was a blast. Paige had the time of her life and after Andrea picked her up, she told Mom that she is going to be a clubber for life now. She danced the whole time. The DJ was great, the kids had fun, and the gym was decorated amazingly. They took some cute videos, and tried to take a few pictures, but the lights were off so it was hard to capture the moment on camera. 

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