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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Visiting Renie in Jefferson City

Andrea, Paige, Amanda, Abby, Allison, and Grandma Genie all went to Jefferson City on Sunday to visit Renie in her new place. She was finally convinced to move out of Odessa so she could be nearer to her family, and the girls wanted to visit her and see her in her new place. It was an unannounced surprise visit, and they decided it would be fun to show up a little at a time. First Abby, Alli, and Genie showed up, then Amanda, and last came Andrea and Paige. 

Renie was thoroughly surprised and her new place was adorable. Her family did an amazing job bringing all of her treasures from Odessa, and getting everything set up, so it would feel like home. 

Renie's daughter Connie came by for a little while to visit as well and took a picture of Renie with all of her visitors together.

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