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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Connor's Junior Prom 2024


Prom was tonight, and Connor picked out a maroon tux for the occasion. Andrea took him a couple weeks ago to a locally owned place and we were surprised that he gravitated towards the maroon. His favorite color is purple, but something about the tux caught his eye. He looked sharp for the day and the fitted cut of the tux suited him well and we thought he looked extra handsome. 

We snapped some pics with Connor before he left for the evening and since Graydon's over for the night we snapped a pic of the boys together too.

As is the tradition, pretty much every high school in the area shows up before prom at the fountain in front of our beach club, and Connor's school is no exception. Some of Connor's friends organized a party bus to take them to prom and everyone met at the club for pics together before heading out. Connor drove himself and his buddy Ben to the club and they took pics with lots of other kids and eventually with their party bus crew. 

After pics, Connor piled a bunch of the boys in his car and apparently they decided to run by Tropical Smoothie for some smoothies before heading over to meet up with the girls. They hung out at his friend Amy's house for a little while and then the bus took everyone to the dance. Connor had a good time and afterwards he ended up coming home. He said there were a few after-parties, but he was ready to chill, get out of his tux, and play some NBA 2K on his Playstation. 

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