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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Andrea, Paige, and Amanda Visit KC

Andrea, Paige, and Amanda flew to Kansas City for Allison's bridal shower last weekend. Andrea was surprised to see that quite a bit has changed, like the airport, and when we got to thinking about it we realized we hadn't been to Kansas City for five years. We had planned to go to KC for Christmas in 2022 after our Peru trip had been canceled, but Southwest Airlines made a mess of those plans and we only made it as far as Atlanta before we went back home. Paige was cute about reminiscing about some of the things she'd remembered from her previous visits and it was also nice to see old man Chewie bear who is over 19 years old now! He can't see or hear, but he is still hobbling around and eating, and surviving.

Andrea was excited to make some chocolate chip cookies with her mom in KC. For whatever reason they never come out the same in Florida, maybe it's the humidity.

Paige was thrilled that Grandma Genie took her out shopping, as she wasn't excited about the dress that Andrea brought for her to wear at the wedding shower. She found a very cute dress and Grandma spoiled her, and bought it for her.

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