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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Connor's High School Tennis Team - Districts Tournament


Connor's high school tennis team played in their District matches this past week. His coach was very excited for the matches and told the kids to get up super early and to be at the courts by 7am. That was a bit painful, especially since their team didn't have early matches, but Connor was a good sport about it and had a positive attitude. Connor's team played well and they won almost all their matches and their team placed first overall. For districts, Connor played line 4 singles. His team has had several injuries this season and he's been playing lines 3-5 singles. He won his singles matches by a fair margin and he also won his doubles matches with Ethan. 

The viewing area's not the best through the fence, but I did have one opportunity to take some videos during a doubles match since the other courts weren't being used for a few minutes. 

The team had long days and a few of the kids got pretty bad sunburns, being outside all day. Connor was tired, but he had a good time and was cute about cheering for all the different people and socializing with his friends. They had a tent set up for shade and he got to hang out with his friends and relax between matches.

We're proud of the boys for their success. Each line had their own bracket and Connor's team won lines 1-5 singles and line 2 doubles. Their doubles line 1 played well throughout the tournament and their only loss was in the final match. 

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