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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Griffin's Baseball - Field of Dreams


Saturday, April 6th, 2024, Andrea and I went to see Griffin play baseball with his Field of Dreams baseball team for the first time. All of the players are special needs individuals and they have a cute little field that is perfect for their games. Each of the players are paired with a volunteer buddy that runs around with them and helps them as much as necessary. The players were all different ages and also different ability levels. Each player had two times at bat and unlimited pitches and swings. Some needed help to hold and swing the bat, but one boy hit his first pitch deep and at his second at bat he hit the first pitch that came his way, and blasted it clear over the fence for a home run. 

Griffin was adorable the whole day. He wasn't engaged on defense, instead he had fun just running around the outfield the entire time. When it was his turn at bat he didn't really swing the bat, but he did a great job holding it steady over the plate. 

It was a beautiful morning and we loved it so much that we made a donation to the organization after the game. 

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