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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Buzz cut

The first part of this post has some slightly older pictures. The weekend Connor broke his leg, we were really going to post about his new hair do. He got it cut as a "Faux Hawk". We styled it by gelling it up quite a bit and pushing it all towards the middle like a Mo-Hawk. It's called a "Faux Hawk" since it's not all buzzed everywhere else and isn't actually just a thin strip, more of a normal head of hair styled like a Mo-Hawk.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics because that's the last we'll see of the Faux Hawk for a while. Against the wishes of Mommy, Daddy decided that it made sense to buzz off Connor's hair. We can't bathe him normally with the cast, and it would be a lot of work trying to keep his hair looking decent. Daddy was afraid that the hair would get oily, messy, and gross, so he convinced Mommy that it needed to be cut.

Mommy kissing the cute hair cut goodbye:

Daddy with the freshly cut Connor:

Connor coloring:

The theory is, with this new hair cut, we'll be able to just wipe his head down with a washcloth and not worry about the hair looking messy. It's functional, but it's definitely not as cute as any of his other haircuts.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness - hair does make a difference! What a little monkey. Still very, very cute though. But makes me laugh when I see the new haircut - or hairless cut.