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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 1, 2012

4-1-2012 House update

Our house had quite a bit of progress this past week. They wrapped the exterior facing wood, built the circular entry way at the front door, put the windows in, some exterior doors, the big slider door in the family room, some of the roofing, the tubs and some plumbing.

I love the slider doors, they're probably one of the coolest features of the house. They slide completely open in the Family room. Once our screen is up around the pool, you can slide away those sliders and have an awesome view and breeze.

I took a picture of the sliders open and shut. Not the best pics since you can't really get a photo of the inside without overexposing the outside. I merged three photos together for each of these, they're HDR's, so they look a little weird.

I'm also very excited about the office. I am stuck in a tiny room right now with a view out the window that looks at the neighbor's fence. Once we're in the new house I'll be able to see who's coming and going on the street, who pulls in to the driveway, etc. I took a picture from where my desk will be and the view I'll have once we're done.

Lastly, I took stitched together a picture of the kitchen area. You can see how high the ceilings will be in the Family room and where the kitchen island will be.

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