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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Date day at Epcot

On Sunday, April 15th, Andrea and I went to Epcot on our own. With our season passes, we want to go quite a bit and decided it'd be fun one day to go by ourselves. The kids stayed with Ms Jami (Paige's usual babysitter) for the day and Chloe did as well. They were well behaved for her and we got to spend a relaxing day together at Epcot.

The weekend we were there was a flower festival and there were a bunch of great statues made of flowers and plants. We took a few pictures with them, but there were many many more.

We ate at the Mexican area of the park at a table that overlooked one of the rides. I've always wanted to eat there and the atmosphere was very nice. The meal was ridiculously overpriced and the portions were tiny, but it was a great meal with my beautiful wife.

It was a fun day with Andrea!

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