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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Pictures at Mickler's Landing Beach

A few weeks ago on April 4th, we went to Mickler's Landing and met up with Jenn Hopkins for some professional family photos. Andrea spent a lot of time coming up with some cute color combinations and scouting out a picturesque location. It all came together that day and we were hopeful we'd get a a few decent pictures. The first half of the session went pretty well. Both kids had been coached for a while and were pretty cooperative.

Halfway through the session, the lighting got to the perfect point where the sun was low in the sky to the West and we could shoot some nice shots East towards the ocean on the beach. We went down to the sand, turned towards the photographer and disaster struck. At least, in Paige's mind. Her feet got wet when an inch high wave washed over the sand. She was terrified, screamed, cried and shrieked "Fall! Fall! Water!". She did not fall. We held her and tried to console her, but her mind was made up. The water was something terrible to be feared and she was not going to be happy if it was anywhere in sight.

The rest of the session, we tried to get her to relax and to cooperate, but she was only happy if we weren't within sight of the water. Most of the good pictures were from the first half of the session, but we did manage to get lucky a few times towards the end.

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