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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Addy's birthday party

Heather and Chad live in the neighborhood where our new house will be and Andrea's gotten to know Heather pretty well through "Wine Divas" night and Bunco. Heather has two little girls and invited us to her daughter Addy's birthday party on Saturday. Addy turned two and her party was supposed to be at the pool, but since it rained they had the party at home instead.

Both our kids had so much fun at the party. There were lots of other kids their age to play with and lots of great toys. Paige wasn't shy about digging in to all the fun stuff and she enjoyed playing with everyone and everything. The party had a Disney theme and Heather had Minnie Mouse ears for all the girls. Paige actually kept hers on for quite a while.

It was nice to see all of our future neighbors and get to know them a bit better even before we move in. Our kids were both very well behaved and polite. Connor was playing swords with another little boy and they were running around chasing each other. Connor squeezed past an older gentleman and one of the ladies at the party overheard Connor say "Excuse me sir" as he went by. She complimented Connor on his good manners and was impressed our little man was so sweet.

 Connor scowled while he was eating it, but he loved the cake. He had chocolate and vanilla too.

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