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Monday, April 30, 2012

Paige's 2nd birthday

Today Paige officially turned two! Mommy and Paige started the day with a special treat! Yummy Donut!

Paige went out to lunch with Mommy and Daddy and had a pretty normal day for the most part. After Daddy was done with work, we all went to a park for a McDonald's picnic. Paige loves fries and she and Connor both ate a good dinner.

Connor found an old cardboard tube nearby and thought it made an awesome telescope. He was telling us about all the amazing things he could spot far away with his powerful instrument.

Very exciting!

After dinner, we played at the park for a while. Both kids love the St. John's Golf and Country Club park. 

When we got home, Connor gave Paige a special gift that he helped pick out when we were at Disney World.

Baby Cinderella! Paige was very happy and gave Connor a big hug.

Finally, the kids ate some yummy cupcakes and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Paige.

Happy birthday baby sister! We all love you so much!!

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alice v said...

so glad to see you having such fun. impressed with Connor's swimming abilities too.