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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paige's playset

For Paige's birthday, Mommy and Daddy got her a fun indoor playset. It's small, but it's a perfect size for indoors and for our wild little girl. She loves climbing, sliding and playing with it. It came with a little basketball, football and soccer ball and there are areas on the playset to throw or kick the balls in to. As we should have expected, she's a little crazy on it sometimes and even managed to tip it over on herself once.  

I took a short video of her climbing and sliding on the playset.

I was going to try and get a better video with a better view of all the activities, but Paige saw Connor playing with one of the balls and decided she should have it. When Connor didn't give it to her, she freaked out and bit his shirt. She ended up in timeout after this video, so it was the last one I took today.

Happy birthday big girl! We love you!!

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