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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun in Daytona Beach - 5-6-2012

This past Sunday, we drove down to Daytona Beach for the day. We ate at Inlet Harbor - I love their blackened chicken sammich and the kids love playing on the pirate ship - and then we went to the condo.

We had one of the best, relaxing, fun days in a long time. It felt like we were on an awesome vacation, and it's a day we'd have paid for gladly and flown down for back before we moved to Florida.

On the beach, we splashed in the waves, dug in the sand, and tried to catch fish in some water that was trapped on the beach when the tide went out. There were a lot of little minnow sized fish in the water and when you stirred up the sand they'd swarm around to eat whatever microorganisms they could find. The kids and I sat around with a bucket and tried to catch them. I managed to catch one, and the kids thought it was great fun to carry it around in a bucket. Paige was really excited with it and I was a little afraid she'd spill the poor thing in the sand. We let it go back to its family after holding it hostage for about a half hour.

Mommy played a bunch with Connor in the waves. There isn't much he loves more than splashing in the waves and fighting with them. He loved playing with Mommy. He told her it was the best day ever and that she was his best friend.

After a few hours, we went to the pool and swam there. It was a nice change of pace and the kids got to practice their swimming.

I meant to take more pics, but it was such a relaxing and fun day that it slipped my mind! We're looking forwards to doing it all again soon!

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